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Looking for the best independent BMW service Artarmon centre in the North shore ? From a simple BMW oil change to major repairs, we cater to every need. At Euromaster, our Artarmon mechanics understand the value of your BMW vehicle. As a result, we always work diligently to offer several top-notch BMW services.

We tailor our BMW service to your car, hence ensuring it remains in optimal condition while providing all logbook servicing and genuine parts replacements and repairs.


Oil Change, Air CoCnditioning,
Electrical, Driveline, Suspension
And Braking Specialists

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Need an BMW oil change service near you ? From air conditioning to exhaust systems to engine rebuilds and engine lights coming on, we can attend to any requirement and nothing is complicated for Euromaster. when you need high-performance BMW servicing in Artarmon. For example, when a BMW engine light comes on, this is something not to be ignored. Especially when you have an engine light coming on to do with your engine tune and it is shaking at idle or during driving. If this is happening, call our mechanics in Artarmon today

Got a check engine light flashing with a loss power or is your BMW shaking after a check engine light has come on? A BMW check engine light can mean many things and can be reset once the problem is rectified but do not ignore a check engine light on the dash and especially if your BMW is shaking with a check engine light code and even more so if it is an M Series BMW like an M3, M4 or higher.

Here at our BMW North Shore Service Centre,we have highly trained BMW mechanics who deliver exceptional services using the latest diagnostic tools with BMW and workshop equipment. Besides this, at Euromaster, we use genuine BMW parts since we know your vehicle deserves the best.

As one of the best North Sydney BMW service centres, Euromaster delivers premium BMW service excellence matching your car’s premium quality. No surprises when it comes to your BMW service needs a quote can always be provided before we undertake any repair that is needed on your BMW. As the leading North Shore BMW auto service centre, our honesty and integrity reflect the quality of our work and the cost that you were promised.

Euromaster Autohaus is the best BMW service Artarmon garage to consider if you want to extend the longevity of your car’s performance. We make this possible by using manufacturer-approved BMW parts. Besides, our BMW parts come with a warranty, and the service we offer cannot interfere with your car’s warranty

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BMW Mechanical
And Electrical service

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BMW Service Centre
North Shore

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Independent BMW
Repair Specialist North Shore

Looking for a BMW non dealer service ? If you are looking to find non dealer BMW service garage, you are in the right place for an independent BMW specialist to service your car.

There is a lot of misconception about non dealer BMW service specialists and whether or not they are capable of servicing your BMW as an independent BMW specialist.

Well, independent specialists are often trained through actual BMW dealers at their commencement of their trade and acquire a wealth of knowledge during this period. In many cases, many non dealer garages often do work in conjunction with BMW repairs and dealerships in the trade anyway
When it comes to technology, these specialists also invest heavily in the best diagnostic equipment money can buy and in many cases also design and create their own software which is also licensed to outside repair shops.

Best Artarmon Local
BMW Independent Mechanics

As an independent BMW Mechanic located in Artarmon, we can assure you that when it comes to being a non dealer BMW repair garage, diagnostic equipment, software and the ability to perform repairs on your BMW as a non dealer BMW repair shop right here in Artarmon, your independent BMW specialists are far more capable than you might think.

The benefits of using an independent BMW garage is that service is very much one on one, you are not treated like a number in the system and because most non dealer BMW workshops are usually small family run businesses, you will tend to find they very much go out of their way to make their customers happy when it comes to service, price and using genuine parts or even attending to specific customer requests, which would not otherwise be available through any dealership.

Our BMW specialists at our garage service all models from standard BMW saloons to the M Series variants and we have all the tools and resources as much as any dealership to effectively carry out and repair all vehicle issues. So give us a call and get the service you deserve from your bmw specialist. We are a dedicated BMW independent service with a difference.

What BMW Specialist
Services Do We Provide ?

  • Blue Slip Inspections For New Registration Application
  • Vehicle Road Inspection.
  • Repair or Service All Necessary Components
  • Vehicle Batteries Replacement
  • Safety Systems Inspections or Repairs
  • Automotive Fluid & Filter service and replacement
  • Air Conditioning & Cooling Condenser

BMW Models We Service

1 Series

2 Series

3 Series

4 Series

5 Series

7 Series

X Series

Z Series

M Sport Line

Not on the list above?

We offer bespoke service to luxury vehicles.

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