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Advanced Independent Non Dealer Citroen Service Centre

Looking for an independent Citroen service Artarmon centre that knows everything about Citroen ?

We have the advanced technology and Citroen mechanics that can help diagnose every single issue that may arise from your Citroen such as a check engine light flashing, engine stumbling or misfiring, brake change electrical issues like coil packs or any other mechanical issue you may encounter, we have what you need to get your Citroen back on the road and firing on all cylinders.

We are the Artarmon Mechanics with a difference when it comes your Citroen service in the North Shore.

We have highly qualified Citroen mechanics who will offer unmatched Citroën servicing using modern tools, techniques, and equipment for diagnosing the most difficult to deal with diagnostic issues.

From scheduled log book service to overhauls and full rebuilds of gearboxes and rengine rebuilds, our Citroen mechanics do it all.

At Euromaster, we take pride in providing manufacturer specification Citroen servicing. As a result, with Euromaster, you’ll get expert servicing similar to that of Citroën.


Oil Change, Air CoCnditioning,
Electrical, Driveline, Suspension
And Braking Specialists

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We are not just your average independent service centre for Citroen in North Sydney but a complete one stop shop for any complication or fault your car may throw your way. Although as a non dealer service centre we provide general servicing, we also do carry out major repairs to brakes, suspension, gearbox and engine faults that will put a stop to your Citroen running at its peak while maintaining its dealership warranty

We have the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment for finding every fault your car may be registering and fix it as quick as possible and get you back out the door. Our Artarmon mechanics know everythi8ng there is to know about Citroen at our Citroen service Artarmon centre for all repairs and servicing

Citroen Log Book Servicing North Sydney

Is your Citroen up for scheduled log book servicing ? Need an oil change, gearbox service, air filter change or just a complete head to toe service ? Well we have some good news for you. We can service you Citroen with it’s factory log book and you keep your factory warranty. We only use genuine factory parts which maintains your factory warranty minus the overly expensive dealer charges while maintaining quality factory parts.

When it comes to delivering a professional service through highly qualified Citroen mechanics in the North Shore, we know we have what it takes to deliver you the results you expect from our Citroen service centre in Artarmon.

Our Citroen mechanics have years of experience, meaning they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to service your car. More so, we use original parts to deliver exceptional Citroen servicing and maintain warranty for your Citroen.

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Servicing And Repairs

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Citroen Service
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What Citroen Specialist
Services Do We Provide ?

  • Citroen Log Book Servicing For All Models
  • Pink Slip Checks And Repair All Faulty Parts
  • Blue Slip Inspections For New Registration Application
  • Vehicle Road Inspection. Repair or Service All Necessary Components
  • Vehicle Batteries Replacement
  • Safety Systems Inspections or Repairs
  • Automotive Fluid & Filter service and replacement
  • Air Conditioning & Cooling Condenser
  • Drive Belt checks and replacement

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