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Looking for car exhaust  repairs in Artarmon or the North Shore?

Our European car service are specialists in all exhaust repair and exhaust replacement.

We can order and fit factory exhausts systems, new exhaust o2 sensors or even measure up and prepare a custom exhausts system for your car.

If you have a leaky exhaust and you have exhjaust fumes coming inot your car, a noisy exhaust from a blown or leaky muffler, we fix all exhaust systems for European cars, Australian and Japanese cars as well.

Car Exhaust Repair

We do exhaust system repair for popular models like Mercedes exhaust repair, BMW Exhaust repair, Audi exhaust repair, Land Rover and more. Here at Euromaster Autohaus, we service and rebuild a large range of car exhaust systems for European cars from muffler leak repairs or replacement exhaust pipe replacement, o2 sensor diagnosis and replacement and all custom modifications.

Our Artarmon mechanics are in the know with everything when it comes to factory exhausts leaking, too noisy an exhaust, or even a clanking exhausts system from loose loose or worn components

If you need an exhaust specialist in Artarmon for a European car, we are the North Shore exhaust systems repairs and replacement specialists.. All our auto services are designed to do here is to help get your car back on the road as quickly as possible and with min fuss. We get your car nice and or roaring with a custom exhaust perfectly on the tune of sound.

European vehicles are finely built and exhaust tuned machines that also require regular servicing and an exhaust specialist that has a keen sense of automotive touch when it comes to optimal performance from your exhaust system on your car, can make all the difference.

Euromaster Autohaus are the Artarmon exhaust system specialists and we also specialise in high performance exhaust systems

Car Exhaust Repair

European Car Exhaust Experts

Your exhaust system is the primary component on your vehicle which carries noxious gases from your engine to the safest exiting end of your vehicle.

This is done by a system of pipes, mufflers, catalytic converters and the right length of tubing for releasing these dangerous gases from your engine safely away from your cabin.

It is also the job of your exhausts system to reduce harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere as much a possible.This is also a legal requirement for ADR regulations and safety. Noise emissions though are also another requirement of a well operating exhaust system.

It helps keep our environment safe and must meet government ADR specifications. It also assists with fuel economy and reduces noise.

Exhaust System service schedules and servicing are there and put in place of your log book servicing for a reason.

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Exhaust Systems And Mufflers

Some Common Issues To Take Note Of

  • Exhaust Fume odours coming into Cabin
  • Engine Lights Coming On
  • Exhaust o2 Sensor problems
  • Blown exhaust gaskets
  • Extreme Exhaust Noise Under Hard Acceleration
  • Loud Exhaust Noise Coming From Under Car During Idle
  • Clunking Noises During Driving Over Bumps
  • General Exhaust Leak Noise.

When Should You Check
The Exhaust On Your Car ?

To ensure to smooth and safe operation of your exhaust system, it would be best advised that your exhaust system is checked on every log book or scheduled service. If you need exhaust replacement in Artarmon or the North Shore or if you find your car is becoming noisy while driving, or you can smell exhaust fumes in the cabin, it will definitely be time to have an exhaust expert take a look at your car for any exhaust leaks or exhaust fumes.

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