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Need an automatic transmission service or rebuild ? Is your tranmsission slipping, jerking or making driveline noise? Is your transmission not engaging drive or reverse? Here at Euromaster Autohaus, we service and rebuild automatic transmissions and manual gearboxes. Our Artarmon mechanics are in the know with everything when it comes to a transmission that is leaking, slipping, not engaging gears or is just plain noisy.

If you need a transmission service in Artarmon for a European car, we are the North Shore transmission service and rebuild specialists here to help get your car back on the road as quickly as possible and with min fuss.

European vehicles are finely built and tuned machines that also require regulat servicing and a transmission specialist that has a keen sense of automotive touch when it comes to optimal operation of your transmission. Euromaster Autohaus are the Artarmon transmission service specialists and we also specialise in automatic transmission rebuilds and servicing of your gearbox. You no longer need to put up with a slipping transmission or a gearbox not engaing gears or a noisy transmission. Talk to our transmission specialists today.

The majority of all European performance cars on the road all carry highly efficient operating transmissions that are built within fine tolerances purely to deliver outright response and performance at the press of a button or paddle shifter. Lack of servicing with these gear boxes only leads to reduced performance and complications that can lead to expensive gearbox overhauls.. That’s why an automatic transmission service during your log book servicing is important

Automatic transmission service schedules and servicing are there and put in place of your log book servicing for a reason.

To esnure to smooth operation of your gearbox during driving periods or towing under heavy loads.

A transmission slipping is not good news and this applies to manual transmissions as well with slipping clutches or shuddering. Is your transmission slipping, shuddering, not engaging gears or not engaging reverse ?

If you need transmission servicing and you find a transmission service can not restore the smooth operation of your gearbox, then your vehicle may need a transmission rebuild or gearbox rebuild. Transmissions are very complex pieces of machinery. Artwork in motion more or less and require regular scheduled servicing to ensure smooth operation

Transmission Service

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Automatic Transmission
Faults To Look For

  • Transmission not engaging gears
  • Transmission leaking red oil on floor
  • Transmission not engaging reverse gear
  • Transmission shuddering during acceleration
  • Transmission shuddering during cruising speeds
  • Transmission making grinding sounds during driving
  • Transmission releasing oil heating odour
  • Transmission jumping out of gear
  • Other unusual actions during driving

When Should You Check
Your Transmission ?

If you have not carried out a Scheduled automatic transmission service, the golden rule is to usually check your transmission approximately at least no longer than two years to ensure safe and optimal operational driving without failure.

Failure to properly maintain your transmission can lead to costly repair on unnecessary rebuilds. Remember that a service is much more affordable than a gearbox rebuild and is clearly the better option. If you would like to have a scheduled transmission service carried out on your car, we are here to help

Commonly Asked Transmission Questions

Dues to technological advancemenets in automotive transmissions in our current era, there are technically five styles of automotive transmissions all highly advanced and complicated units.

These are :

  • iMT
  • CVT
  • Torque Converter DCT (also termed as DSG)

With proper driving, scheduled transmission servicing and care, there is no reason your average commuter transmission should not achieve 200-300 thousand klms of reliable driving and even above that. Transmission generally abused, or not serviced regularly will unlikely see this range of life span

The cost of repairing your transmission will always outweigh the replacement of your transmission. For most though, even repairing a transmission on your average commuter vehicle in Australia will set you back on average on a vehicle less than ten years old at least min 3500 dollars which is a significant amount of money for many. Usually, when a transmission rebuild is a certain price, the cost of replacing it with a new unit will usually be double if not more

There are quite few different signs of impending transmission failure. When your gearbox or transmission start dispalying these common fualts, it is highly advised you talk to our Artarmon transmission specialist.

These Are As Follows.

  • Not engaging gears after selection, or refusing to change gear after selection. This is typical of gearbox or transmission failure
  • Burning smell or odours after driving which are reminiscent of transmission fluid or gear oil.
  • Slipping gears or engaging and releasing
  • Dragging or sticking clutch
  • Leaking automatic transmission fluid on the ground
  • Check engine light displaying on your dashboard
  • Grinding sound during driving or shuddering
  • Transmission noise while in neutral

General neglect and lack of servicing will shorten the lifespan of any transmission or gearbox. Even more so if the transmission or gearbox has seen abuse during the course of its lifespan.

A slipping transmission to repair is costly enough. Driving witha slipping transmission is even worse for reasons that if debri breaks or comes loose from slipping transmission bands or transmission clutches, this debri travels everywhere through your gearbox and con do what would otherwise be deemed as avoidable damage and transmission costs. If your transmission is slipping, shuddering during driving or just not engaging, immediately stop driving and talk to our Artarmon transmission specialist

Got any questions about a slipping transmission or gearbox issues ? Would you like to see rather than cal ? Well, pay us a visit at 31 Hotham Parade, Artarmon NSW 2064 0477500501

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