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Are you looking for a car air conditioning service or an air conditioning re-gas in Artarmon or the North Shore ? Most car owners are not even aware of the fact that even car air conditioning requires regular servicing as well.

Our Artarmon car service is very well versed when it comes to air conditioning and regas for your car.

Is your car not blowing any cold air ?

Is your air conditioner just blowing normal temrature air ? This is a clear sign that your system needs looking at.

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Service Your Car Air Conditioning Every Two Years

Not many people know it but it is highly recommended that vehicle car air conditioning should be serviced or checked approximately every two to three years. This can help avoid any unnecessary costs as they can be tackled before it gets out of hand and your air conditioning is not working or worse stops working

Auto Air conditioning Systems that are well maintained run very efficiently in keeping your car cool in the hotter days of summer and also work well in dehumidifying your windshield during moisture periods. When you regularly check on your auto air conditioning system, you will have an car air conditioning system running at optimum performance at all times

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Brands Of Cars We Service Air Conditioning On

  1. Ford Servicing
  2. Holden Servicing
  3. Subaru Servicing
  4. Nissan Servicing
  5. Ferrari Servicing
  6. FPV Servicing
  1. Mazda Servicing
  2. Jaguar Servicing
  3. Volkswagen Servicing
  4. Porsche Servicing
  5. HSV Servicing
  6. SRT Servicing

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