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Engine Servicing, Repairs
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Need engine servicing or repairs ? At Euromaster, our Artarmon mechanics can help if your vehicle engine needs repairs or tuning. We are the number 1 European car mechanic in Artarmon when you need engine tuning or servicing. There is more to a car than just suspension repairair conditioning repair and scheduled log book servicing.

There is the heart of your car which is your engine.

In  most cases, engine complications are usually minor such slipping belts, dry or squealing bearing sounds coming from your engine bay tinging sounds under hard acceleration.

Sometimes you may need a new water pump, power steering replacement, pollution equipment causing issues and so on

These are engine issues that are usually minor and can be repaired quite quickly. If on the other hand, you hear knocking sounds or your engine is blowing a lot of blue smoke out the exhaust constantly, you could be in need of engine reconditioning.

Major Engine Work

Most serious issues to do with engines usually comprise of two major factors which keep your engine running…Spark and fuel. Anytime something goes wrong with your engine 9 times out of 10, it is one of these.

Although it is not directly engine based, it is related to the engine as your motor needs these to function and in many cases, this is the problem. Other than this, sometimes you may need head reconditioning. Outside of this it will be a full engine rebuild.

Whether it is :

and all Super Cars, we do it all when you need anything looked at with your engine

Our expert North Shore European car mechanic knows everything about european engines and the fine tolerances they are built with and how to diagnose these problems and repair them. Therefore, you can expect us to provide unmatched services and genuine parts with all engine repairs our team handles.

We can have your car running like new again within the shortest possible time. Let Euromaster be your top priority if you need exceptional water pump repair services, cooling system services, multi-point inspections, and more. We have the latest tools and equipment that help us to tackle all Major engine works.

Major Engine Work

Up To Date Trained Euro Service Mechanics

We stay up to date on industry trends by undertaking continuous practical training. Let our Euro car specialists handle your engine issues and be guaranteed that it will be fixed, regardless of the problem at hand.

We are a family run business that believes in our self worth as expert mechanics, integrity and honesty, and combined together with our highly sought after skill sets only equals success in any engine complication we undertake and get your vehicle back on the road within the shortest possible time. We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed and that is coming directly from me pictured underneath…Ali Assir at your service.

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