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Looking for power steering repairs in Artarmon ? Is your car wondering within your lane, or you have to turn your steering wheel a fair way before your car commences to turn or steer in the right direction?

Is your power steering making noises when driving, or do you need a new power steering pump ?

Here at Euromaster Autohaus, we service and rebuild a large base of steering systems for European cars from steering box replacement, to steering rack repairs or overhauling. Our mechanics in Artarmon are in the know with everything when it comes to factory steering systems making noises or leaking power steering fluid on the ground, or are just plain noisy and creating grinding sensation within your hands while holding the steering wheel

Steering System

If you need a steering specialist in Artarmon for a European car, we are the North Shore steering systems  rebuild and service specialists here to help get your car back on the road as quickly as possible and with min fuss. We get your car steering on a dime.

European vehicles are finely built and tuned machines that also require regular servicing and a power steering specialist that has a keen sense of automotive touch when it comes to optimal operation of the steering on your car can make all the difference.

Euromaster Autohaus are the Artarmon mechanical repairs and steering specialists and we also specialist servicing and steering fluid flushes. You no longer need to put up with a steering system that does not work to factory specifications.

Talk to our Artarmon steering specialists today about your brakes if you have concerns.

Steering System

European Power Steering System Experts

The majority of all European performance cars on the road all carry precise operating steering systems that are built with optimal steering precision that is designed to be reliable all day long for every day driving. Lack of servicing with these power steering systems only leads to reduced performance and complications that can lead to expensive steering system overhauls. That’s why regular power steering check ups and servicing is crucial to the steering of your car and your own safety

Steering System service schedules and servicing are there and put in place of your log book servicing for a reason.

To ensure the smooth operation of your steering, regular steering check ups are a must and our Artarmon steering specialists know everything there is to know about European steering systems

If you need steering servicing and you find your car is not steering safely or you can not restore the smooth operation of your steering, then your vehicle may need a steering system rebuild.

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Some Steering Faults
To Look For

Some Common Issues To Take Note Of

  • Difficulty In Steering. You Will Know When Your Steering Resistance Changes.
  • Vibration Sensation From The Steering Wheel
  • Slipping Steering Wheel
  • Grinding Noises Or Sensations On Steering Wheel
  • Power Steering Fluid Constantly Requiring Top Up
  • Discoloured Power Steering Fluid On The Ground
  • Burnt Fluid Odour Coming From Power Steering

When Should You Check
The Steering On Your Car ?

If you have not carried out a Scheduled system service, the golden rule is to usually check your steering approximately at least every 50.000 KLMS to ensure safe and optimal operational driving without failure. If experiencing faults as listed above, immediate attention is required
Failure to properly maintain your steering can lead to costly repair or easily avoided rebuilds.  Remember that a service is much more affordable than a steering system overhaul and is clearly the better option. If you would like to have a scheduled steering system service carried out on your car, call our Artarmon steering repairs centre today

Commonly Asked Transmission Questions

One of the most common problems found with steering is difficulty in turning, especially at lower speeds when the powerr steering pump is not turning at higher RPM’s. This is usually a result of a wron out power steering pump that requires overhauling or replacement. Leaking power steering fluid on the floor is a sign that you should get your power steering system checked or serviced.
A typical sign of steering that requires attention is when your vehicle begins to wonder within your lane. This is usually a result of too much steering end play. If your steering wheel turns more than an inch before your vehicle responds, you should have a steering system adjustment or repair on order. Another common issue is hearing steering noise or a sensation of steering grinding on the steering wheel.
The most common problem with steering is power steering system failure due to excessively worn internal power steering components. The most typical reason for this is the lack of oil changes required to keep the oil as new as possible to protect power steering parts over its lifespan. Another reason for failure is consistent low oil levels from leaking power steering pumps. When this happens, call our power steering specialists.
The most common type of steering system break down is power steering system failure. This is usually due to constant low oil levels, lack of service or just excessively worn parts of a power steering system. An exploded power steering line can also cause sudden steering failure
n most cases no. Power steering systems are hydraulically operated systems which means you need a functioning power steering pump in order to drive your vehicle. If you power steering fails, you will either have very limited steering ability or none at all rendering the vehicle undrivable what so ever. The only vehicles that can be driven without power steering pumps are fully mechanical steering sytems

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